Zeal for the Lord

In my two weeks in Southern California, I’ve had a number of very good experiences. This vacation has been much more than I expected it to be and I can only attribute it to the Lord for providing me with such hospitable saints. While the physical can never rival the spiritual, the way I’ve been taken care of by the saints physically has been extremely humbling.

Today has been the first day that I’ve been truly alone and I’ve enjoyed this mellow day walking around Westwood. This day has allowed me to reflect on a piece of fellowship I had with a dear brother in Irvine.

He told me about his trip to Israel earlier this year and how the zeal of the Israelites really touched him. They were so focused on the idea of rebuilding the physical temple and so sure it would happen. In their minds, this was of utter importance and nothing anyone said could get them to change their minds. They didn’t care what the world thought of them. The brother came to the conclusion that if the Israelites could be so focused on this physical dream, then he should be even more focused on the spiritual truth. He must desire to and pray for the Lord to build his spiritual temple.

This fellowship really touched me because I know that I haven’t always been faithful to the Lord’s goal. I often put off my Bible reading and fellowship until a more convenient time or I cancel altogether. I prioritise physical over spiritual pleasure. I worry about my needs over the Lord’s needs. But the biggest fault is that at times I’m ashamed of the Lord.

There are certain acquaintances that I cannot talk about the Lord to because they vehemently oppose Him. I can’t even talk about Him around them because I feel as if I can’t defend Him before them andy I get offended by their criticisms. So in the end I don’t mention Him around these people, however when I’m with the saints I can praise Him shamelessly. When I look at the attitude of the Jews, I realise that this is a bad stance. Being a Christian is part of my DNA. My spirit is mingled with the Spirit. How can I deny part of my being? It just doesn’t make sense. If the Jews can vehemently defend the idea of rebuilding the physical temple and hold onto it so strongly, why can’t I do the same for the spiritual temple of the Lord?

I’m realising more and more that the older you get, the easier it is to be blown away with the crowd and lose your identity. I don’t want to lose the Lord. I don’t want to lose the source of my life. I can no longer justify living different lives. I am a Christian, I have been saved and He lives in me. And frankly people will always have an opinion, but it shouldn’t dictate my life.

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2 thoughts on “Zeal for the Lord

  1. David, I’m encouraged to hear of your trip and how the saints care for you. Praise the Lord, brother, we are members in the Body!

    How much we need to have our eyes opened to see the REAL thing – to see what’s really going on today! When we see the Lord’s need and His heart’s desire, our desires and personal purposes fall apart and we just love the Lord!

    Praying for u in your trip, for you all the saints out there blending!

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